Head over heels in love

Jeff and Amelia

It was in Junior High that I met Amy and the first time that I ever spoke to her was in the hospital with a heavy plaster on my arm. As ironic as it seems it is true. She was the reason I was there in the first place. Amy is a disaster on wheels and has always managed to have the most accidents I have known any human being to have. She crashed right into me with her pink BMX. I am pleased that she was not hurt at all but it certainly was unpleasant that I was left with the plaster.

She came to visit me in the hospital and scribbled “I’m Sorry!!!” on my plaster. She was blushing and I couldn’t help myself but tease her. Of course that was my way of expressing flattery. I, very cool and calm, yelled “No biggie!” She then scribbled “Friends???” and by the time the plaster was supposed to be removed Amy had scribbled all over it.

We have been together for a while now. It has been a tricky yet beautiful and adventuresome ride with Amy. I wanted to marry her and was sure to make it special. I planned to take her out on a biking trek as a memento of our eventful first meeting. This was a bit too irresponsible I know, but it was incredibly fun. Towards the end of our trek I had it all planned. To pop the question with a beautiful halo engagement ring, which I had bought with tremendous help and guidance from Roger at Fascinating Diamonds. I could not make my mind up and he asked me all sorts of questions about Amy and then said that the halo design was made for her.

Who would have known that after all these years she was still clumsy with bicycles? Her bike went off the track and she managed to crash again. She ended up landing against a tree. It was funny but I should not laugh as this time she was the one who needed a plaster. In hospital, after we got over the trauma of the crash, we reminisced and laughed over her first bicycle crash. I carefully took her plastered arm in mine and scribbled “Marry Me???” She was overwhelmed and tears trickled down her eyes. She took the pen from my hand and wrote “Yes!!!”

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Hitched While Hiking

Adam and Eva

After nearly three weeks of being apart frommy beau and hell of office work load, a romantic getaway to the mountains soundedwonderful. Hiking has always been the best burnout sport for me and Adam, infactit was in one such advent that I had met him. This time, we were taking thepopular Maroon Lake Trail, Colorado and I was really excited. We started offearly climbing along the trail, which meandered through the forests, acrossbarren scree fields and up the switchbacks.

The view on the way was splendidand though I was tired by mid-day, one just couldn’t stop and admire the beautythat surrounded us. After a while, however Adam took my hand and led me off themain trail, which was slightly visible as it was not much used. Puzzled, Iasked him why he was leading us the main trail but he just smiled and led meon. About half an hour of hiking up the track, it opened up on to a cliff andthe view was breathtaking. The rock face was a sheer drop and it was surroundedby snow-clad mountain tops and in middle was a lake, which was a shade of themost striking blue.

The view was nothing short of amazing but whatcaught my attention the most was that a few paces short lay a perfectly set outpicnic complete with red and white blanket. It had all been arranged beforehand by Adam and when I stared at him astounded, he had the most satisfiedimpish grin on his face. With a wink he tugged me along towards the picnic spotand poured us some chilled champagne. We just sat there for a while withoutspeaking, enjoying the site as well as each other’s company, in that instant hetook my hand into his, and asked me to marry him. In that very moment fromsomewhere along he brought out an exquisite asscher cut diamond engagementr ring. Though I was bewildered by the unexpected proposal and the beautiful ring,I had no doubt in my mind and with joy screamed “yes”, which echoed off thecliff and came across as multiple “yes”. He laughed and tugged me to him andkissed me.

Each time I look at my perfect engagement ringI am truly grateful to Fascinating diamonds for their help in selecting it.

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A New Dawn

Eric & Annie

Eric and I were on a vacation to Mauritius and upon reaching there he told me that he had a surprise planned for the next morning and that we had to wake up early. Next day morning came and we left from the resort by 6:00 am and traveled to the middle of nowhere. Or that’s what I thought... Walking on the soft sand with cool breeze brushing against our faces, we reached our destination, just as dawn broke and we could see the sun rising at the horizon. Everything in front of us shined and glowed in vibrant hues of orange and yellow.

I stood there mesmerized by the beauty of the place as if I was drifted into a dream world; soon he blindfolded me and said there is more to be seen… He took hold of my right hand and guided me further towards the sea. My heart began to race anticipating what lay ahead and as soon as we reached the edge of the sea, I could feel the low tides tingling my feet.

He turned me facing towards him and asked me to open my eyes. Untying the cloth around my eyes, I saw Eric on his knees with a spectacular oyster shell held out towards me. Overwhelmed at this gesture of his, I accepted it expecting to find a natural pearl inside it. But Eric proved me wrong as I slowly opened the oyster shell, there lay a beautiful petite engagement rings. The rays of the rising sun added to the beauty of our engagement ring.

I couldn't believe what had just happened, but within a fraction of seconds he slipped the ring on my finger. I cannot imagine a more exciting and fulfilling experience. As I realized I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, all my dreams had come true in one beautiful morning under the heavenly sunrise in Mauritius.

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A Tree Affair

Melissa and Mark

After a lot of brainstorming and planning as to how I would propose my long term girlfriend Melissa, finally the time came to execute it. It was a droning regular weekend,when I scheduled a short trip to a scenic resort away from the city.

It was a bright sunlit morning, when we reached our resort to drop off our baggage and after taking a little nap I suggested Melissa to go for hiking up the mountain trails. We headed towards the hushed forest and clear streams. It was a captivating vision indeed to witness the chirpy birds and wild creepers, which spread all over the vicinity. As we walked up through the empty forest path, I covered Melissa’s eyes with my hand informing her that there was a little surprise awaiting her. After few minutes we halted and she opened her eyes to a charming tree house decked up with polished wood and bamboo walls.

She was completely taken aback and was just about to murmur something when I indicated her to be silent and held her hand to the tree top.As I made her step in first, she was bowled over at the amazing set up. The petite table with champagne and the cake, the floor carpeted with flower petals and the wall tinted with the words “Will you marry me”? She couldn't believe her eyes and to confer her confusion she turned to me with her jaw dropped face. She had a wide smile on her face, when she saw me kneeling down with a stunning floral halo ring. She bent down and hugged me while tears of joy soaked her cheeks. To my relief everything went as per my plan and she said yes.

But, I owe it all to you guys for creating such an elegant ring as Melissa loves it totally. Thank you Fascinating Diamonds Cheers!

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