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Love is like old wine

Thomas and Sara

It was like love at first sight when I met Sara on the very first day at work and since then I was secretly crushing on her. As the days passed by, we got to know each other better and eventually started dating (after a lot of persuading). I always felt that she was the one for me.

Our conversations, our minds, our thinking process and our language and our morals and everything that one seeks in a partner were so much alike, I felt like she was really and truly my soul mate.

Our office squad suggested a sudden weekend getaway at the nearest scenic winery. And, then it struck to me that this could be the best place to propose to Sara.

It was all planned. I literally planned everything out and even my co-workers were supportive and quite enthusiastic for this proposal as they knew that we both were so much into each other. It was a bright day when we reached the winery early morning and I found myself being panicky and excited at the same time.

I took her for a long romantic walk along the quixotic grape farm; she looked utterly gorgeous under the sun. As we walked through the beautiful dreamy vineyard amplified by purple and green grapes hanging we shortly came across a small decorated table with two chairs tied up with ribbons, on the table were bottles of the finest wines and two glasses which were lit up under the mild sun. She looked at me trying to figure out if I had any idea what was happening. I smiled, held her close to me and asked her to have a seat. I poured us both some more wine and looked at her directly into her eyes.

I then went into my trouser pocket and took out a stunning princess cut solitaire engagement ring and put it into her wine glass. The ring made a small sound when I dropped it in, and she immediately looked at me. Sara was surprised and was having difficulty in understanding any of what was happening. She couldn’t believe that I was proposing to her. She asked me to put the ring on her finger and so I did. We have been engaged for four months now. t’s been almost four months we have been happily engaged.

I am so grateful to Roger at Fascinating Diamonds®® and thank you all to the rest of the team in helping me choose this amazing ring. Sara totally loves it!

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New Year’s Eve Midnight Proposal

Nathaniel and Sophia

Beautiful sun-kissed skin, golden long tresses, and blue mesmerizing eyes…that’s my Sophia! She stood there tall and confident trying to decide on what books she wanted to read at the library. She thought that I was the librarian and I agreed to help her. After an hour or so she realised that I was playing along and luckily she did not get angry and leave. Instead she laughed a lot and asked me out for coffee. I agreed. She still denies this by the way, the fact that she asked me out first. But that’s the truth. She asked me out.

Anyway since then we have been together for three years and we've been best friends and lovers. On New Year’s Eve, I invited her to my family home. It’s a beautiful family cottage in Cotswolds with a few insane but loving family members.

It was New Year’s Eve and she had worn a sweet-heart neckline gown; we were sitting by the fire having wine and cheese. She had no idea of the anxiety I was feeling for I was going to propose to the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She is confident, funny, and the most intelligent girl I have met. I know that from very early on I knew that she was the one.

My family were my partner in crime and helped me pre plan everything. Ten seconds to go, the countdown had begun, and the lights went off. I asked her to turn around and there it was, “Will you marry me?” Written in glow-in-the dark paint which was there all along but invisible in light. She turned back with tears in her eyes and I was right there, on my knees asking her to be my wife, I presented her with a diamond and ruby three stone engagement ring. She screamed “Yes, Nathaniel, Yes!” At the very moment the clock struck 12 and we kissed. It was the most anxious 10 seconds of my life and the happiest New Year ever.

I am happy to have chosen Fascinating Diamonds®® to help me pick out the most stunning ring for my loved one. Raj at the store was incredibly helpful and knew exactly what diamonds and style and carat that I should go for. Thank you Raj and thank you Fascinating Diamonds®®.

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A Flamboyant Circus Proposal

Brian and Adele

Though it’s only been a year since I’ve known Adele I knew that this was the woman whom I wanted to share the rest of my life with. I vividly recall my lurid proposal to her in one of the most prominent places “The Big Apple Circus”.

Adele has a bizarre fondness towards flashy circus shows which is actually quite peculiar as it always makes me think she has a very wild child inside of her. She told me that she is afraid of clowns and that she does not like them. So, I thought that I should take her to a circus and make it a one treasured trip for her.

The chirpy vibrant morning confided me to carry out my secretive plan. My plan was to propose to my lady love amidst the enthusiastic crowd of the “Big Apple Circus”. She finally, after a lot of persuading agreed to accompany me to the circus and I was rather pleased. After we settled into the perfect comfortable seats, the circus started with an amazing juggler skilfully juggling innumerable balls without missing one. Other inventive and arty tricks followed and in no time the whole circus was filled with colour and trapeze artists, mime actors, stilt walkers, ring master etc.

When the clown appeared the crowd started to cheer in hope to boost the clown’s spirits, Adele was frightened and clutched my arms tight. As planned, the clown came directly walking to Adele while performing hilarious tricks but yes she was scared and fearful but she managed to laugh a little. The clown took Adele and I along with him to the arena. She was looking around, holding on to me and definitely was very very scared.

I adjusted the heart shaped diamond engagement ring in my hand and walked down to the stage with the ring and her eyes opened wide at my surprising gesture. The crowd encouraged me by screaming and I got on to one knee and proposed to her. It was definitely too much for her to take in and I know that she never imagined it to be this way so the entire thing was poignant. She began to cry and the clown jumped up and she laughed. O she looked ever so beautiful. I would like to thank Fascinating Diamonds®® and Raj who very carefully helped me craft this timeless ring in store. Thank you.

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Love Boat

Jake and Alexandra

I was the popular jock and she was the shy, feisty but incredibly cute nerd whom I had a crush on but never had the guts to approach; a story right out of a young adult novel. It was graduation party at beach where I first talked to Alex, who, I always thought, had hated me but as it turned out, she never had. I had seen her walk away from the bonfire and the crowd; I grabbed the opportunity and followed her.

I found her perched on the deck of an abandoned boat, a mile or so away from the party, staring out at the sea and she looked ethereal in the moonlight. “Hi. Can I join you?” I asked. She looked at me a bit surprised but smiled and nodded and since that day we have been together.

It has been exactly seven years today since that fortunate graduation party and yet I am as nervous, as I was that night, to ask her to marry me. We are back at our home town, I suggest that we take a stroll down the beach and she agrees. Hand in hand we walk on the shore and I lead her to the very same abandoned boat but it is quite a different sight. The whole boat is decorated with lights and there is a picnic basket ready with iced champagne bottle on the deck. I look at her to gauze her reaction which shows surprise and elation. “It’s still here!” She exclaimed. “There is more” I say.

I turn her around away from the boat and there a few yards inland is a newly constructed house. I lead her towards the house but a few paces from the house she stops abruptly as she sees the words “MARRY ME” spelled with tiny lights on the porch. She turns towards me and by then I am on my knees, a carefully selected pear shaped halo engagement ring in my hand. Her eyes are brimming with tears now but she smiles at me and nods her approval.

I am thankful to Fascinating Diamonds®® for helping me selecting the perfect ring for my sweetheart.