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Diamond Price Match Program

fascinating diamonds- Price Match Program

Fascinating Diamonds is, all in all, a customer oriented company and for your convenience, we are endowing you with our diamond price matching program. The diamond price matching program is intended to provide the customer with an overall confidence that they are receiving the best price on their diamond purchase.

Our aim is to provide our prized customers with the lowest price for the diamonds they purchase in comparison to others in the diamond jewelry industry. This program lets you compare a competitor’s diamond price against an identical price at Fascinating Diamonds. The diamonds of course, must be of similar cut, clarity, color, and carat weight . We can provide you with an exceptional value for your diamonds at any given point, for that all you need to give us, a link to the website offer or any print of the price offer.

  • To get started you need to ascertain a few points:

    The offer does not stand valid for any promotional pricing schemes or clandestinely discounted items.

    The price matching program does not apply to any of our products that are exclusively customized for you.

    A customer can match boundless number of diamonds as our attempt is to provide you with the best price for your diamonds or jewelry.

    To ensure fair and unbiased result the diamond grading would be done by the GIA or AGS and the diamonds would be compared on the basis of Four C’s (i.e. cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) as well as of similar table and depth percentage, polish, fluorescence, and symmetry.

  • Free of Cost Price Matching Program Guarantee

    Wait no further and get started by simply contacting us on 212.840.1811 to tell us about your diamond quality and price specifications. By far Fascinating Diamonds presumes to have lower prices, but if by any chance our competitor has quoted a lesser price, just for you we may seek to match up to their prices.

    Fascinating Diamonds is happy to help you, our GIA certified gemologist will guide and assist you at every step. We would gladly respond to all your queries concerning the price matching program. Please contact us on 212-840-1811 or write to us on for any further assistance.