Lifetime Warranty

fascinating diamonds- lifetime warranty

We offer a life time warranty for the following services.

Walking steps with you, Fascinating Diamonds commits to be the jeweler for life, forever taking care of your treasured diamond jewelry.

  1. Ring cleaning polishing and Rhodium Re-dipping.
  2. Checking the ring for loose stones and tightening them.
  3. Replacing the missing tiny side stones which are pave or micro pave set.

Diamond Upgrade Program

Fascinating Diamonds also offers diamond upgrade program, where one can upgrade the old diamond to a brilliant new one in any preferred fancy shape, provided one is eligible to avail the scheme.


In order to be entitled for our lifetime diamond upgrade program, the following criteria must be matched:

  1. Upgrade policy does not include IGI Lab-grown diamonds, only applicable to the GIA certified diamonds.
  2. The diamond purchased from Fascinating Diamonds only is qualified for this scheme. Diamonds purchased from any other jewelers do not qualify for this scheme
  3. The present condition of the diamond must be similar to what it was at the time of purchase, devoid of any chipping or scratches or any serious damage.
  4. The diamond will be evaluated by our Gemologists and will be compared with the original diamond grading report for acquiring the exact report on its current state.
  5. The GIA certificate and the invoice supplied with the diamond must be returned back to Fascinating Diamonds while availing to the upgrade scheme.
  6. The selected new diamond must be at least $ 1000 higher in price than the earlier diamond that is to be replaced.

The customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

The customer has to get the ring insured against loss or theft. Our warranty does not cover loss or theft of the ring or the center diamond.

You can always visit our new york office for any kind of queries or if you wish to return your item for any of our free warranty services. Either contact us on 212.840.1811 or write to us on if you have any queries or if you wish to return your item for any of our free warranty services.