5 Reasons Why A Girl Will Never Say No To A Solitaire Ring

December 8, 2014, Senior Editior

5 Reasons Why A Girl Will Never Say No To A Solitaire Ring

Engagement rings are the most significant piece of jewelry to many girls because of what they epitomize. The ring symbolizes love, commitment, and the promise of a lifelong unity between two souls. Solitaire rings are conventional in style.

Standing true to its name the word “Solitaire” is self-expressive meaning a precious stone set by itself. Gaining popularity during the1880’s, when high quality precious stones became readily available in the market, solitaire diamonds were favored immensely to create artistic and elegant rings. So thinking of proposing? Here are 5 reasons why a girl will never say no to a solitaire ring:

Timeless Beauty

The chic and classic solitaire diamond ring is one piece of jewelry that will never go out of style as it has been cherished by one to all and conveys an unspoken message of endless love. Cut and polished to perfection, solitaire diamonds are masterfully created. 40 years from now your ring won’t look outdated as they are timeless and denote a classical charm.

Shows off The Diamond

Since the diamond will be the centerpiece of the ring, a solitaire style ring shows off the single diamond quite well. A solitaire diamond can be crafted in a wide variety of shapes, when choosing a cut/ shape diamond for an engagement ring, it provides an elegant appeal and highlights the diamond perfectly.  The most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is the round cut diamond, as it provides unmatched fire and brilliance.

Every Girls Favorite

 A solitaire engagement ring is every woman’s dream. The simplicity of a solitaire shows of its elegance and sophistication. So be it a young adult or a middle aged woman, everybody loves a huge solitaire on their finger. In fact in a research conducted on 7000 women, 53% of them owned or wanted to own a solitaire ring rather than, a side stone, halo or a petite ring. Also, it’ll be easy to find a wedding band to match.

Diamond Size

A single diamond is highlighted and becomes the center of attention in a solitaire diamond ring. Due to absence of any other side stones and gems, people prefer that the solitaire be a huge rock. Jewelers also advise that the diamond should be at least bigger than 1 carat, be it any shape. You can chose the cut and size of the diamond as well as the metal according to your budget.

Adorned by Most Celebrities

Owing to its sheer beauty and grace, many of our famous celebrities have also adorned the magnificent solitaire style ring. Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker wears an emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring of approximately 5 carats, set in a plain platinum band.  Keira Knightley wears an almost 2-carats classic round cut diamond solitaire ring set in white gold. Lauren Conrad’s solitaire engagement ring from beau William Tell is a brilliant 3-carat round cut diamond, set in four prongs on a glossy gold metal band. Other celebs include Stacey Solomon, Reese Witherspoon and Fergie.

Despite growing trends toward distinctiveness and personalization, majority of women prefer the timeless elegance of diamond solitaire rings. Even with the limits that a single stone puts on ring design, it is possible to create a dazzling and unique diamond engagement ring. A traditional solitaire is any day for sure a symbol of the duo’s enduring love and togetherness.