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Do I Drop A Hint, Or Does She?


Do I Drop A Hint, Or Does She?

March 14T00:00:00.000Z, 2018

Alyssa Bruni


Gosh, I so want to marry her. But is it the right time?

Someone come help me!


Dropping a hint to your loved one is always the tough bit, especially when we don’t want to make it obvious. Because let’s face it, we don’t want to make it obvious. So we have decided that this pretty little lady is the one, that she rocks our boat and we are in love. We get it; you want to ask her to marry you. But how do I do that? How do I propose to my lady without making it obvious, or the most important, is she into me the way that I am into her? No one likes rejection and we certainly don’t want you to be turned down, trust us, that’s really not cool.

Before proposing to your ladylove, consider asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, does she respect me? Does she show me that she loves me the way that she says she does? Come on, actions are far louder than words. Does she look at me with eyes filled with love and adoration? Am I really and truly in love with this woman? Do I see her being the mother of my children? Are we compatible? Can I live with her? Is she hygienic? LOL we’re just kidding, but seriously. You got to ask yourself these questions. Please please please don’t try playing a heads or tails here, throw the ball and check your luck. This isn’t a game. Marriage is a serious constitution. Marriage is a contract between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together, for better or for worse.

Have a read below at our personal ideas. If she is dropping you subtle hints about you being her only one, then go ahead. Pop the question.

So, you’ve met her parents. You definitely know that the relationship is on the next level up. It has gone up the ladder when you meet her parents or her family members. Trust us. If she speaks her heart out about her family to you, she trusts you. She thinks you are an empathetic man with wisdom and sensitivity. This is an indirect message to you to want to meet them. If you’ve already been hanging out with her family for dinners or garden parties, you can definitely propose to her.

Has she been including you in everything that she does? For instance, if she has an evening of drinks lined up with her colleagues or close friends, does she invite you? Does she ask you to do things together? Does she want to go on holiday together? Does she indicate doing any activities together? Is she using ‘we’ rather than ‘I’? If so, pop the question. These are serious indicators that she is serious about you.

Has she ever spoken to you about kids? Some women love the thought of having children and don’t completely detest the idea. It’s the same with men too. We get that its like marmite, you either love it or hate it. But we think they are cool. Children are awesome. They light up the room with this immense sense of energy and vulnerability and they fill our lives with so much joy. If your partner is one of those people, that’s good. But what is even better is that she is talking about having children with you. Women only speak about having children with men whom they see potential in. Children require patience, stability, financial and economic structure and most importantly, spiritual and mental strength. If she is dreaming of having kids with you, dude this woman is for keeps. Tighten up your boots and go buy a diamond promise ring. QUICKLY!

Has she recently told you that her friend is getting married? Has she ever, over dinner mentioned her friend Stella, and how awesome Jacob is when he proposed to in the South of France with a beautiful 3-carat asscher cut diamond ring? Does she ever talk about these things? Does she ever mention how she is spending the weekend at her sisters to go visit her and her kids, to go make pancakes for her nephews and hang out with them on family picnics? Is she dropping hints like this? If all of this banter is in the premise of yours and her conversations, then you have the answer. She is ready. She is just simply waiting patiently for you to propose to her.

Did you guys go to Nick’s dinner party where you met his sister who recently got married in St Tropez, and your ladylove was obsessing over her engagement ring and couldn’t stop complimenting it. Is she doing this often? Is she usually complimenting newly married couples? On their rings, the outfit they wore or the location they decided to tie the knot at? Is she doing any of these things? If this is so, she wants to get hitched. Period.

I remember when I was hanging with some friends in London over dinner. We went out for something to eat and it was a group of five of my very close and dear friends. My friends couldn’t stop talking about Richard. How great he is and how great we look together and how sweet he is and how we make a fantastic couple. It was very satisfying I tell you hear that, but most importantly, I went and told Richard. A few weeks later he proposed. Now, I am not saying that this is what I DID to get him to propose. I DID NOT do that, it just simply made him happy to hear that all my friends love and adore him and think that he is the right person for me. Friend’s opinions always count. At least if they’ve known you for years, there is a very beautiful quote I love, ‘I know who you are … who you’ve been and who you will be.’ –unknown. Now this only applies to friends you’ve known for years and very close with. So if your girl is telling you that her friends love you, that is for sure a good sign in indicating that she is pretty serious about you. It is time. Go buy a ring.

Oh My God. This one really scared me at first. I called my mom once, casually just checking up on her and how her day was going etc, all I really wanted to do was to tell her about a great film I watched the night before. The next thing she tells me is that she went for lunch with Richard on Tuesday, Wednesday they went to the museum and Thursday she hung out with his mum and him. Now that was pretty scary. I mean, it just felt a bit like, wow. He’s spending time with my family. There’s no harm in that, right? Is she doing the same? Is she hanging out with your mom or your dad? Or your brother or your sister? Because if she is, please get ready for booking the wedding date. She is pretty dam serious about you. No one ever does this out of nothing. It seriously means something. Regard it.

Do you guys have a joint account yet? Or, is she asking for one? Having a joint bank account means that both of you are managing money together. Managing money together is a big step in any relationship. Trusting your partner, good communication, teamwork and knowing your options can help you find the right account for your relationship. And if the both of you are at this space in your relationship, where you are looking to open a joint account. Then its time to tell her, “Darling, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

So you’ve had a groggy day at work and you feel completely out of your head. You feel like you have the Monday blues, but that feeling is just every single day this week. Is she concerned? Has she asked you what on earth the matter is? Is she worried about your health, your moods? Does she want to help you? This shows that she is not just a girlfriend anymore. She is much more than that. Her empathy is crucial in manifesting how much she cares for you. I think she wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

Are you her number one priority? Does she shower you with endless affection and devotion? Does she always want to talk to you; does she always want to meet with you? Does she call you to check where you are and what you are doing? If this is happening to you mate, you’ve become her world. You mean something to her and you certainly are very important. Hence why you are number one on her priority list.

Has she recently downloaded a load of Netflix shows with marriage themes? Or is she suggesting you watch movies like the ‘wedding date’ or the ‘wedding crashers’ or the ‘princess bride.’ If she is constantly desiring to watch movies or television shows about weddings and marriage, then that’s a sign right there. She is into you.

HAHAHA, My sister told me that when she was ready to get married to her then boyfriend, now husband. Thank God! She tried doing this very convenient thing. This thing is called AD placement. She became prescribed to all the wedding and bride magazines, which would be posted through her letterbox. At that time, her now husband and herself lived together as a live in couple. So she would place it on the kitchen worktop to get his attention. He proposed of course. You could do the same! But not bride obviously. You could sign up to a few groom magazines and slide them through her door. Haha that would be really funny. But yes, you could invite her over if you guys aren’t currently living together and place the magazine on the shoe rack. That way she sees it, and who knows. Maybe she’ll propose? We love the Bride and Groom magazine.

We know that you love her and that you feel that the time is right. In this millennial generation, we have all come to know that its not only men who end up proposing to women, in fact I have so many friends who are so confident and proud and loving and strong. They went ahead and proposed to their boyfriends. It is super cool. Trust me.

So who knows, maybe she is waiting for the right moment to propose to you. But don’t wait; maybe talk about it if it gets really confusing.

Good luck!

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