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Diamond Engagement Ring

Everyone dreams to own a piece of jewelry that is truly unique and inimitable, to lend such distinct style to an engagement ring that matches the vibrant persona of her, preference is given to diverse diamond shape and diamond cuts. Different cuts of diamonds like the shallow cut, ideal cut and deep cut decides on the fire and brilliance of diamonds that enhances the beauty in appearance of any sparkling style of diamond engagement rings . Among the popular engagement rings, the mostly admired shapes are the round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamond, emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, asscher cut diamond, marquise cut diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, heart shaped diamonds and oval cut diamonds.

Various styles of diamond engagement rings like the solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, etc. can be made radiant and gorgeous by adding brilliant cut diamond at the center. Females crave for perfection, and Fascinating Diamonds™ shows its expertise in presenting perfect engagement ring cuts, that are extensively popular.

In a beautiful engagement ring , diamond is like the soul of the ring, so without the best diamond cut to uplift the shapes of diamonds, the charm of the unique diamond rings are found to be somehow lacking. In any size of diamond ring, starting from 0.25 carat to 5 carats, the excellence in diamond cuts and shapes is must and truly interferes with the overall appearance of any diamond jewelry.

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Iridescent Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes And Cuts

Since ancient times, various diamond shapes have been adopted that brings out the fire of diamonds in a more pronounced manner, but as time passed by, the cuts of the diamonds became finer and more distinct. Hence, the clarity as well as the brilliance of the evolved diamond cuts is astounding. Each diamond shape has its own individuality that defines and adds richness to the diamond jewelry collection.

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Emphasis On The Dazzling Diamond Shapes And Cuts::

The royal ages of past reveal the various shapes of diamonds that have been used to create masterpieces in ancient times and in present days also, one can buy loose diamonds at flexible price and imitate the beauty of such exquisite craftsmanship.
Round Cut Engagement Rings
One of the classiest and most popular types of cut, round diamond ascended the pinnacle of fashion in the year 1919. Since then, round engagement rings, round diamond wedding bands, etc. have been widely admired by the jewelry lovers all over the globe. Styles of vintage jewelry as well modern jewelry gain timeless beauty when they are settled with brilliant round cut diamond revealing splendid round cut diamond engagement rings. Presented with 58 perfectly cut facets, a round diamond ring glows with unmatched fire and radiance.
Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Known for its unbeatable shimmer and fancy shape since 1980, princess diamond ring captures millions of hearts. Princess cut wedding sets as well as princess cut engagement rings are indeed very entrancing irrespective of the engagement ring style adopted or the motifs embossed throughout the princess diamond ring. The princess cut diamond shape is generally considered as the square diamond but sometimes, the shape may be slightly rectangular. Though some individuals prefer that shape but mostly females opt for square princess diamond ring, whose modish shape and iridescence wins everyone’s votes. so, princess cut diamond engagement rings are the most desired pieces of jewelry.
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Almost 200 years old, cushion cut diamond is an ideal shape to be settled in antique engagement ring settings. The square shape with rounded corners of cushion cut diamond engagement rings has been relishing fame since archaic periods, and even today, the pillow cut diamond ring is highly adored for the exceptional patterns the cut creates. A cushion cut diamond ring generally creates three distinctive pavilion patterns, solely depending on the depth of the cut facets. Hence, for those who like a little varied style, cushion engagement rings are the wisest choice.
Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Created in 1960’s, oval cut diamond stores a rare and exotic charm of ancient ages in its shape and glittering cut. Oval engagement rings as well as other oval diamond rings are extremely admired by the females who prefer vintage style jewelry. The elongated shape of the oval cut diamond engagement rings complements slender fingers and is indeed an ideal alternative for round cut diamonds, which are far more expensive. Affordable in price as well as larger in size than other cuts, an oval diamond ring is the right choice for your girl if she wants something unique and very appealing.
Marquise Cut Engagement Rings
Bestowed with a romantic heritage, the football shaped marquise cut diamond is highly preferred for marquise engagement rings and marquise wedding rings. With two pointed corners, a marquise diamond ring also suffuses essence of antique jewelry, hence, the vintage jewelry lovers always go for this marquise shaped diamond engagement rings. The symmetry of the marquise cut ring must be paid close attention; the curve must be chiseled diligently seeking the right alignment, so that the two pointed corners lie in the same plane. To protect the corners from chipping, it is always wise to cover the corners with prongs instead of other marquise diamond settings.
Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
For those who prefer serene sheen over fiery dazzle, emerald diamond rings steal the show. With large parallel cut facets, the emerald cut engagement rings are the flavor of the season in the world of exquisite diamond jewelry. In emerald cut diamond ring, the clarity of the diamond is an important factor as it is cut to display elegant flashes, any blemish or inclusion can be easily viewed. So, for an emerald cut diamond engagement rings to win everyone’s favor, the emerald cut must have symmetrical faces and must be of superior clarity and color.
Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
With the sparkle to astound all beholders, the radiant diamond ring has become renowned in 1980’s. Radiant cut can be obtained in square as well as rectangular shapes, which perfectly suits the various styles of radiant engagement rings. The radiant cut diamond may sometimes look like a princess cut diamond when studded in prong setting covering the cropped corners of a radiant cut diamond ring, but the radiant cut diamond engagement rings are generally prefered in its rectangular shape
Pear Shaped Engagement Rings
Recognized as the cut unifying both round cut diamond and marquise cut diamond, pear cut diamond engagement rings reveals great fire and blaze. Beautifully chiseled in the shape of a shiny tear drop, a pear shaped engagement ring is very feminine with its delicate contours cut to perfection. The right symmetry is very essential in case of pear diamond engagement ring to raise it to the level of unmatched glory. The presence of slightest flaws in a pear diamond ring can be camouflaged easily when settled in a prong setting.
Heart Shaped Engagement Rings
Capturing the bright shimmer and brilliance, a heart diamond ring is the true symbol of romance and love, that has become widely popular since its creation. For a heart cut diamond to look endearing, the two halves of the diamond must be identical to one another. In heart ring, the cleft must be in the same alignment with the pointed corner for the unmitigated splendor of the heart shaped diamond ring. Heart shaped wedding rings and heart shaped diamond engagement rings looks more appeasing when studded in prong setting or bezel setting.
Asscher Cut Engagement Rings
Evolved in the year 1902 by the Asscher Brothers, the asscher cut ring received huge admiration and recognition but reached the peak of eminence in 1920’s. Though an asscher diamond ring has facets cut very much similar to the emerald cut diamonds, but still there is slight variation that gives the asscher diamond more brilliance. In case of purchasing asscher cut engagement rings, notice the color and clarity of the asscher cut diamond, so the dulcet beauty of the diamond is unleashed. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are very much loved by the females because of the unique sparkle they generate.

Wholesale Diamonds

he luminous wholesale diamonds that are sold on Fascinating Diamonds are genuine, natural and conflict free. Still, the most alluring offer is that it distributes diamonds to the generic crowd at relatively reduced price than any other source by deducting the taxes and broker charges. Fascinating Diamonds consists of a staff of most experienced diamond cutters to acquire the most perfected diamond shapes with excellently cut facets to bring out the ultimate fire and radiance of the loose diamonds. Available in a number of fancy diamond shapes like the pear shaped diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, etc. as well the primary shapes like round diamond shapes, princess cut diamonds, etc., the range of loose diamonds can be acquired in variation of carat weight. Depending on the cut, color and clarity of the diamond, the price of the wholesale loose diamonds varies, as the diamonds ascent towards superior quality of diamonds the price range also increases. These dazzling loose natural diamonds can be settled in any jewelry settings to turn something ordinary into extraordinary.

Engagement Ring Settings

The setting of diamond jewelry retains allure as well as the firm grip of the diamonds or other gems in the metal jewelry. Different styles of engagement ring settings emanate different appeal; for timeless vintage collection of jewelry, bezel setting or prong setting is mostly used. Depending on the number of prongs or claws holding the stone, numerous kinds of prong settings are also available. Channel settings, pave settings, etc. are widely used for divine collection of fancy bands. Other modern settings like tension setting and bar settings are also highly preferred for their fine contemporary jewelry collection in delicate designs.

Recently Purchased Engagement Rings

With the designs that are very much popular lately, this section reflects a range of tempting diamonds and gemstone engagement rings and other diamond jewelry that have been customized or designed by our dearest customers. Follow the unique motifs and patterns that are highly admired by most and get inspired to create your jewelry applying your creativity. Easy customization and designing facility is presented in Fascinating Diamonds to deliver a hassle free experience. Also view the wholesale loose diamonds and plain ring settings to design your own beautiful piece of jewelry. In this category, one will be able to view the upcoming and latest trends on the diamond jewelry as well.

Engagement Ring Without Center Stone

To mount a shimmering heirloom diamond or gemstone in your preferred settings, Fascinating Diamonds unfolds a range of semi- mount engagement rings comprising of ageless designs of filigree patterns, scroll patterns, milgrain patterns, floral motifs, and many such aesthetic sequences. Desired engagement ring settings can be picked according to the requirements of the customers. The provision of customization of these ring settings with desired gemstones and preferred metal is also included in this section. From the rich reservoir of wholesale loose diamonds present in Fascinating Diamonds, one can pick a glittering diamond to top the beauty of diamond ring settings. Set the right gem on the perfect ring settings to create a unique dazzling engagement ring.