Essential Tips for Marriage Proposal


Essential Tips for Marriage Proposal

June 04T00:00:00.000Z, 2019

Alyssa Bruni

Essential Tips for Marriage Proposal

When people think of February, most of us see cupid, roses, chocolates, and gifts for our significant others. As love lingers in the air this love month, you may want to take advantage of the season and pop the question you’ve been wanting to ask. And if you happen to be planning your proposal for your significant others, then lucky for you, for we prepare a marriage proposal tips for the lovers longing for that “YES!”. Planning for a proposal could really be overwhelming that’s why we are here to help. Just be calm and check out these proposal tips that will guide you for that special moment of yours.

First and foremost, you need to know your partner’s idea about marriage. Talk about her/him about getting married so that you’ll her/his stand on marriage. If your significant other expresses hesitation about marriage, then this time would not be the best for proposal. And, if your partner shows the opposite and pictures marriage as a happy moment for you both, then this gives you a sign to take your relationship to the next level and prepare for an engagement.

Go get an engagement ring. What’s a proposal without something to put in his or her finger? This is the most important part of the proposal. If you’re worried about the design or have no idea what engagement ring to get, you may want to check out online stores that offers a range of magnificent engagement rings. Some online stores also offers customized rings if you really want that precious thing to be special. Here’s a good tip on choosing an engagement ring. Try to get some hints on her taste in engagement rings or check out what kind of jewelry he or she wears. Consulting his/her best friend, sister or mother for help would also be a good idea.

Next step is telling your partner’s family about your intentions of marriage. There’s a saying that when you marry the one, ‘you marry the family’. It’s a good gesture to talk to the family about your plans and include them to the proposal process. If you’re planning a big proposal you would also want to ask your friends and family’s help. Consult your people to help you plan and you’ll be surprised that they may have bright ideas, even refer you connections to help you get what you need for the preparation.

Pick a location where you think is special for the both of you. This could be your first meeting place, first kiss, place that you confessed your love, etc. Whatever the place is, be sure that it is romantic or has a special connection for you both.

Make the proposal uniquely you. There are lots of viral videos of footages showing guys pulling off extravagant proposals which is OK. But make sure what you do is unique to you. Don’t try so hard to pull off a bizarre or a show-off moment if you think you don’t have a capacity to execute it. Don’t waste your time, resources and energy. I know that you want to give the best for your significant other and would like to have every moment special, but sometimes it is better to just be you.

Remember to keep your proposal a surprise. Even if your partner knows about your plan to propose, he/she still doesn’t know when this moment will happen. A major factor in proposals is the surprise factor. Be cautious of your steps and preparation. Don’t let her/him get a hint that it will happen soon.

Now that you picked that precious engagement ring, the right location, your speech or stunts, we are now in the waiting game. Timing is everything in proposals. Make sure that you pop the question at a time that makes the moment perfect. Don’t be impatient and propose during an untimely event. And when the catch the right moment, get on your knee and say the question your significant other is longing to hear.

Now that you are equipped with the tips for that special moment for the love birds, go now and get all the bases covered. We wish you the best of luck!

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