Fairytale Theme Wedding

July 28, 2014, Senior Editior

Fairytale  Wedding


Indelible phrases like “Once upon a time” or “Long long ago” have definitely been the most prominent part of those golden cherished childhood memories of each individual. The idea behind a fairytale or fantasy wedding can possibly be the legendary “happily ever after” tales and fables of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow white, which have been narrated or read out umpteen times worldwide. Kids grow up listening to these tales and eventually cultivate the idea of getting married the same fairytale way when they come of age. Here we are discussing the ground rules for a Fairytale themed wedding.


A magnificent backdrop is an obvious choice as it is definitely an essential component for a grand wedding theme like this one. Royally designed surrounding are considered a must have because it clearly lays down the impression of a grand fairytale wedding. The paramount locations for a fairytale themed wedding can be recommended as historic mansions or castles, or countryside farms, posh hotels with enormous banquet halls, prominent churches or even Disneyland to embrace the wedding theme genuinely. Not to forget the grand entrance made by the yet to be bride or groom on horse drawn carriages or solo white horse or maybe in vintage cars.

Color Palette

Mostly, majestic shades like sun-kissed golden or scintillating silver does its charm as they definitely splatter a royal glint to the setting scenario of the fantasy wedding. The primary colors contributing to a fairytale themed wedding are evergreen whites like cream, off-white, pearl white or shades of blush pinks like rose pink, delicate peach but definitely not dark pink. Hues of light blue or other colors are quite rarely used.

Bridal ensemble

Right from the stunning tiara to glassy slippers, a fairytale bride can never ever think of letting go any particular accessory. It is a must that the bride puts a noticeable effort for her bridal ensemble as it contributes almost half to the fairytale theme.  The wedding gown should be dreamy and all sorts of gorgeous with a sequined or lacey flowy bottom in demure pink, white, or cream. Tulle and lacy  again for veils, adorning quintessential white gold and silver ornaments along with soothing pearl accessories or evergreen classic diamond jewelry.

Décor and Flowers

The most promising and clichéd items that comes to anybody’s mind while discussing about the décor for a fantasy wedding are probably feminine paper strings, pink or white string of pearls, creamiest white vintage laces, antique royal candle holders which are often used to wrap around pillars. A classic chandelier hanging from the top will be indeed the highlighting factor along with gold colored or glass crockery sets and fancy wrapped around champagne bottles on each table. A huge mirror placed on the entrance to give out a Cinderella effect while the bar of the clock indicates “12” is suggested too. For the flowers we would recommend white and pale pink bunch of bouquets accentuated with pearls or crystals or laces positioned on the walls or center of the guest tables. The point of concern here is that we need the backdrop to be high on chic quotient with a dash of little elegance.

From our end, we have enlightened you with enough ideas to gear up for your dreamy nuptials by bearing in mind the mentioned prerequisites to get an impeccable fantasy wedding in the years to come and something to narrate to your grandchildren while reliving these memories.

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