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Know How Your 1 Carat Diamond Ring Looks Like In Real


Know How Your 1 Carat Diamond Ring Looks Like In Real

August 21T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Click to view 1 carat round diamond ring Click to view 1 carat marquise diamond ring
Every diamond shape has different aesthetics, surface show and depths. A 1 carat round diamond ring is crafted in such a way that majority of diamond is placed below the setting and what you see on the surface is only one-third of it; just like an ice berg. Compare that to a 1 carat marquise diamond ring. Because of its distinctive elongated cut and shallow total depth, it looks much larger than a round diamond or a deep asscher cut stone.  Two diamonds with same carat weight may look quite different in size depending upon the shape, quality of cut and style of the ring selected.
Remember Your 4 C’s:
While jumping on the most preferred carat weight in diamond choice, don’t forget to check up on other three C’s; i.e. clarity, cut and color. It is no use to forgo the brilliance and fire distinctive to a quality grade diamond for a bigger stone size with a poor cut and inclusion. It would simply be dull, listless and lack the sparkle. So it is imperative that you balance quality with weight and size.
Bigger Is Not Always Better:
Big girls need big diamonds, right? While, we all like big diamonds, before selecting your engagement ring, have a glance at your fingers and hand. Are they thin and slight or chubby? An oversized diamond will only weight you down if you have slender fingers. And a smaller size rock will look like a speck on your plump fingers. So while you go for a bigger looking diamond it’s always better that you have a visual as to how the diamond shape and size you are selecting for your ring will look on your finger.  Despite the fact that an oval shaped diamond ring might look bigger in size but it might just be too big for your slim fingers. Better to go for a round diamond with more brilliance at same carat weight.
Be Smart; Go For Carat Weight..To Economize Rate:
Click to view 0.95 carat round diamond ring Click to view 1 carat round diamond ring
Do you think a point in carat weight here and there makes a huge difference? It most certainly does but not as you might think in terms of size. What most people do not know is that if there is even a small difference in the weight, it makes an immense difference in the rate of the diamond. Say for example a 0.95 carat round diamond ring does not differ much in size from 1 carat round diamond ring but it is a lot less expensive than the bigger one.  This leap in price is for the fact that larger size rough diamonds are rare and hence quite pricier. Times like these it’s better to go about it the smart way. Beat the ideal number and go for a bit smaller carat.
So while you consider that 1 carat diamond ring is the ultimate choice for those on a budget, don’t forget to consider these factors.
  • Carat weight and size are not one and the same.
  • Two diamonds with same carat weight may look a lot different in size depending on the shape, cut, and quality.
  • While you go in for carat and size, don’t compromise on clarity, cut, and color.
  • The bigger, the better policy does not always work when it comes to engagement rings.
  • Having a visual or a try out as to how the diamond size looks on your finger helps a lot.
  • Save big bucks by going for a bit smaller than ideal size diamond.
What would be more ideal is to strike a balance between weight, cut, quality of the diamond and selecting the most appropriate style. Sometimes this is the only difference, in making a good choice and a great one.

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