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Princess Eugenie Inspired Engagement Ring!


Princess Eugenie Inspired Engagement Ring!

October 29T00:00:00.000Z, 2018

Alyssa Bruni

="/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PrincessEuigene-1.jpg" style="width:70%" class="img-responsive" alt="Princess Eugenie inspired engagement ring!" />

“This beautiful gem is considered amongst the rarest and most valuable of all the corundum varieties.”

The gem expert from UK TV show Posh Pawn has estimated the value of Eugenie’s ring at £100,000 ($A175,112) — and that’s double the estimated value of Meghan Markle’s ring.

Princess Eugenie’s ring, the ‘padparadscha’ sapphire surrounded by 10 brilliant cut diamonds and two pear cut diamonds to give an edge to the standard classic cluster, is a ring that Fascinating diamonds can offer to you- a similar design, we have some lavish options for you on our website. Of course Princess Eugenie’s ring is an expensive and exotic diamond found somewhere in Srilanka and the height of the wealth of top notch celebrities makes it all the more unlikely for a modern day woman to wear something of the sort. However, at Fascinating diamonds we offer some reasonably priced, well designed and incredibly crafted Oval diamond engagement rings. The style which Eugenie is wearing is rare, but we can tailor make this splendid darling just for you!

“Padparadscha is the name given to the corundum gem that bears a mixture of red and yellow, a sort of cross between a ruby and yellow sapphire.”

Padparadscha sapphires are amongst the rarest and most valuable depending on quality and a little bit of difference in quality can mean a big difference in price. Buy the Princess Eugenie inspired engagement ring online at Fascinating diamonds, below we have the similar ring on our website and this beauty has been hand crafted and exclusively designed for you.

Inspired by the vintage style, princess Eugenie inspired ring- the 10x8 mm morganite or diamond is embraced at the centre in this oval morganite halo diamond engagement ring. This morganite engagement ring is surrounded by a halo of beautiful round diamonds. Get in touch with one of our executives today and let us change your life for the better, the ROYAL way!

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