Are You In The Right Office Clothes?

October 13, 2014, Senior Editior

Office Attire


Are you one of those persons who think, T-shirts, Jeans and Flip-flops are acceptable work-wear? Your office has a no dress code policy, so does it really matter how you dress so long as you give out the bright results, right? While, that may be true to certain work environment, you can’t be further away from the corporate reality.

Admittedly, workplaces are getting increasingly casual, and prim three piece suits, crisp ties and shiny shoes are no more a hard core office dress code; business casuals are the way to go about. So let’s start by understanding what business casuals and accessorizing right is and built-up a wardrobe that makes you stand out in style from every other cubicle- bound drone at the office.

To start with, let’s get the essentials of the basic office attire straight, from whence you can built a smart and versatile wardrobe:




White is like the elixir of any office attire. If you are ignorant to fashion, a white shirt is your life saver; it can be paired with any and all ensembles. Like white, solid colors in shades of blue and pale pink are easy to match. Make sure your wardrobe consist of a sizable number of such shirts. Once you covered on that front, you can move on to brighter and bolder colors; small check print also makes for a classy business casuals. There are range non-iron shirts that are gaining popularity due to its convenience. Printed t-shirts are an absolute no-no, however plain polo or v-neck t-shirts are acceptable as business casuals; however, do not forget, you have to be more business than casual.


Trousers and pants:

Typically go with cotton, linen, khaki and chinos for a semi-dressy work wear. Here’s what you look for in pants: Stick with the classic shades like black, gray, navy, camel; opt for a slim fit and not skinny. If you investing in suit pants, choose a multipurpose color like black or grey. If jeans are acceptable at your work place, then select something on a more formal end of the denim range, in slim fit.


Blazers, suits & jackets:

A perfect fit jacket is all you need to pull off even a funk t-shirt and jeans look into a sophisticated and chic business casual. Let your jacket work the miracle while you are hard at work. Navy is the new black and means serious business. A two button suit, worn with or without a vest-coat, whether on suit pants or jeans, will never let you down. An easy-to-wear classic like the tweed sports jacket make you look cool and still keep you warm, particularly in falls and winter season. A corduroy though old on paper will never be out of fashion so make sure to have one in your wardrobe.



As sweet it is to keep your old aunt or mom happy by wearing their knit sweaters, keep the impressing part for the holidays and family get-togethers. Anything bulky and home knit with bright prints to office, is a big no-no. When it comes to wearing sweaters, cardigans or sweater-vest to workplace, remember three essential rules: slim fit, waist length and in solid colors.



Classics like Loafers, Derby, Oxford and Monk are always a safest option. Classy and elegant, not only are they enduring but goes with almost any office attire. You can be sure you won’t be disappointed by investing in them. As for colors Black is an all time favorite; beside that, colors like brown, oxblood and tan are you best bet. Remember, no squares and nothing too round, but most of all they should be comfortable, after all a man is judged by the shoes he wears.



Unless you are going for a hike, we suggest keep your backpack at home. For work, if you have a lot of stuff to haul around, a leather hand bag would be your best choice. Keep in mind the three fundamentals while picking a work bag: functionality, adaptability and versatility and you are all set for work.



Unless absolutely necessary, when it comes to accessories, less is always more; keep it to a bare minimum.  If your office dress code requires you to wear a tie, there is a range of stunning colors, textures and patterns in denim, wool, cottons and linen available that make wearing a tie every day, fun. Keep the silks for the boardroom.

Leather belts is without doubt a necessity; belt in utilitarian versatile colors like black and brown are all time favorites amongst corporate attire. Branded wrist watch adds sophisticated flare to complete the right look.


With all the other accessorizes one also needs to keep in mind the appropriate jewelry pieces that add bling to your overall look. Pieces like an elegant pair of diamond studded cufflinks, diamond ring or band , money clips and a stylish tie pin to augment the look of your attire is a must have.

Sometimes success is just showing up and looking the part, and leaving a good impression. After all first impression is the most lasting, and while hard work surely plays its part in success, why not let your clothes work hard for you while you getting there. Simple, subtle, and comfortable it’s no use going for something fashionable if you are not comfortable in it.












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