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Why Fascinating Diamonds Is The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring?


Why Fascinating Diamonds Is The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring?

March 09T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

The commitment of life-time needs to be symbolized by a possession that will last for a lifetime and that is why an engagement ring studded with eternal diamonds is regarded as the ideal bearer of the everlasting promise of love. But, while picking up the right ring, there are many fundamentals which are to be considered, such as the budget, the quality of diamonds, the design of the rings, etc. Assembling the solutions to all these concerns, Fascinating Diamonds emerge as the best place to buy an engagement ring. Why and how?? These must be questions going through your head right now. So, just scroll down and know why this company is the ultimate destination for diamond jewelry shopping.  
Fascinating Diamonds Online Jewelry Store

Guaranteed Lower Price:

As per the marketing strategy, every company declares that the product they sell is the most reasonable one, but in this case, there is no pretention. This Company indeed delivers diamonds at much lesser price than any other source, and the diamond price matching program available in the website, where our offered price can be compared with that of any other source, testifies that fact, we guarantee our offered cost to be the lowest. As an online retailer of diamonds, the additional costs such as the broker charges, trader charges, wholesaler and retailer charges are not included in the price range offered to the customers, hence, the price of the diamond jewelry sold here is nearly 30-40% lesser than that in the brick and mortar shops. If you are looking for spellbinding diamond rings, at affordable prices, then this place will not disappoint you, in the least.

4 C’s Of Diamonds:

While purchasing any piece of diamond jewelry, the cut, color, carat and clarity of diamonds must be taken into consideration, and Fascinating Diamonds very diligently takes care of these attributes for your sake. The GIA certificate that comes along with the purchased diamond ensures the supreme quality of the product. All the information on the color range from D to Z, the various types of cuts, the variation in carat weight and the immaculate clarity of the diamonds are clearly narrated in the website so that you know what you are buying. The price of the carbon crystal differs depending on these attributes, so select the diamond ring paying close attention to these factors also, not merely on the design.  
4c's of Diamond

Environment Friendly:

The crowd with moral conscience often boycotts the purchase of these glittering crystals due to the heritage of crimes and conflicts attached to them; most of the people are therefore turning towards gemstone engagement rings rather than the shimmering diamond jewels. But, we deal in sparkles that are with sparkling background as well. All the diamonds that are sold here are conflict free diamonds, which are free from the dark shadows of illegal actions or accidents. The Kimberly Process Certification System standards are followed here to avail you the stones that are derived from untainted origin. So, if you want to give your girl a ring with clear conscience, this is the place.

Styles Of Rings:

With colossal range of engagement ring styles, this Company arise as one of the leading names in the diamond jewelry industry. With thousands of designs in solitaire engagement ring styles, halo ring patterns, vintage ring patterns, and many more such exotic motifs and sequences, you will definitely retrieve the unique engagement ring that you have been searching the whole time. So, in a word, we can say the superb collection found here is another reason that states why you should buy the ring from this destination.

Easy customization:

The classic preset engagement rings do not succeed in capturing heart all the time, so it is the moment to evoke your own creativity. Facilitating the customers with that opportunity, Fascinating Diamonds offers eclectic range of gemstones like royal rubies, sapphires, emeralds, black diamonds, aquamarine, morganites, etc. along with diverse diamond shapes like heart shape, emerald cut, asscher cut, round cut, princess cut, etc. to be settled at the center. Variation in settings, starting from prong settings to pave settings is available and one can also choose the preferred metal among platinum, sterling silver and various alloys of gold. Although these kinds of choices are existent in many other websites, but the uniqueness in this case is the expediency of customization. All these options are offered in the same page; hence one can easily design the ring of one’s dreams with a few easy clicks. So no more headaches of dragging and selecting options from page to page, and get thoroughly confused by the end of customization.
customize your ring in 4 easy steps

Excellent Designing Team:

Often it happens that a particular sequence or pattern gets printed in our mind, and we long to re-create the same design for ourselves. If you also have got some unique designs in your mind, then you can contact the in-house jewelry experts, who are available 24*7 to attend to your ideas and suggestions. The professional and talented jewelry designers will guide you through the whole process of jewelry architecture step by step. Our in-house CAD designers, craftsmen and GIA graduated gemologists will aid you to create the exact bespoke engagement ring that your heart desires. So, if your girl has settled her mind on some specific style and you are not finding that in stores, you can always design the custom engagement ring here, we assure you the result will be way beyond your expectation.

Best Offers And Schemes:

Are you sick and tired of settling down for the second best only because the preferred one is out of range? So, definitely this is the platform for you as at Fascinating Diamonds, many schemes and discount programs are launched to help one possess the most preferred diamond ring. Schemes like easy  Jewelry financing is being introduced, where one can buy the ring on loan and then can return the money later over a period of one year at the convenient installments without any rate of interest. This really helps customers to acquire the beloved jewelry at their own terms. Professionals of specific fields like military, medical, etc. can always attain 5% discount on purchase of any jewelry item. Similarly, many other discount offers and plans are provided here that are beneficial to customers. From this moment, don’t suppress the desire to pamper yourself or your loved ones with luxurious jewelry as Fascinating Diamonds with its special offers, turned jewelry shopping into a delightful affair that does not tax your pocket. While buying the perfect engagement ring, the above mentioned points are what we look out for, the most. And by covering all the criteria, Fascinating Diamonds can indeed be regarded as the perfect and safest place to buy the right sparkle that will bring a dazzling smile in your soon-to-be-fiancée’s face.