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6 Most Charming Places to Propose in San Francisco


6 Most Charming Places to Propose in San Francisco

June 17T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

SAN FRANCISCO MAIN BANNER     For a fairytale ending in life, the happily ever-after is very important, as said by Auliq Ice, “In love; it's only those who trust each other, who can make it until the end”. With a lot of couples fancying their wedding to be spectacular, the proposal has to be significant and a perfect proposal is not only about the romantic gestures but also the romantic places and views for the couples. Spending quality time with your loved one is all you need to ask for and the idea of spending a lifetime is very thrilling indeed. So, the event of proposing to the girl of your dreams must be done in a grand manner. It is a romantic affair and if you are a San Franciscan, then here goes a list of places where you can impress your beloved with grand gesture of love...places where she will be delighted to receive the proposal. It is a magnificent destination to shop for engagement rings san Francisco as well. So, in case, you are planning to propose your special someone, you can purchase san francisco engagement rings as well as wedding rings from jewelry stores. These are the best places to propose in San Francisco:
  1. Foreign Cinema Restaurant- A marvellous place for a marvellous date: Dinner and a movie, this sounds like a perfect date night or should we say proposal night for the both of you. If vintage is your choice, Foreign Cinema Restaurant provides a classic and private dining with old black and white romantic movies. You just need to rent the Director’s table which is located upstairs. You can purchase vintage engagement rings san francisco, to go with the ambience, of course, if your lady loves vintage jewelry.
  1. Baker Beach-Uncover the waves of romance: The waves, romantic walks, picnics and the beautiful sunset is what we all dream of. We all find it beautiful to see the sun-kissed waves and sky which appear as striking as ever. The beach offers picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge that one wouldn’t ask for more. The beach provides the picnic area with tables and grills. There are a lot of parking and restroom facilities as well.
  1. Palace of Fine Arts- The Art of Proposing: The Palace of Fine Arts was built on 1915 in order to host exhibit of artworks. It was rebuilt in 1965.The lagoon and walkways were reconstructed which was completed by 2009. It has always been an ideal location for proposals and weddings. Most couples tend to favour this place and so will you. For a beautiful location such as the Palace of Fine Arts, antique jewelry san francisco would be complementary.
  1. The Shakespeare Garden- Garden of Romance: The name of the garden says it all. William Shakespeare is well-known for his plays such as Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and Juliet among others. The plants which are mentioned in the works of Shakespeare are included in the garden. Due to its romantic element, the garden is a private and quaint spot for couples.
  1. Ghirardelli Square-The Place for Fun and Proposal: With a whole lot of shops and restaurants, this is a pleasant location for couples, where you can appease her with the various attractions. You can go for a date at a restaurant and have a gala time before popping the question.
  1. The Lyon Street Steps-Steps of Love: Walk down the steps (aisle!!) of Lyon Street with a proposal that you will always remember. The staircases are absolutely stunning with an alluring garden. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay are beautiful. One can also hike and have some beach time. There are a lot of romantic things that you can do here.
  Whenever you want to propose, do visit one of these places and it will surely be the most memorable day of your life. But before that, visit san francisco jewelry stores where you can order for the diamond engagement ring that will put that unforgettable smile on her lips. We all celebrate our wedding anniversary and birth anniversary, but I assure you, after visiting one of these places, you will want to celebrate your proposal anniversary as well.    

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