Diamond Carat

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Diamonds are sold by carat (which is written as ct.), the unit of weight, which is perceived by many in terms of size. The word "carat" derives its name from the carob seeds that people used in olden times to counterweight their balance scales. These seeds are so homogeneous in shape and weight that even today's sophisticated instruments cannot detect more than three one-thousandths of a difference between them. Currently one carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces (of about the weight of a paper clip). One more way of expressing the weight is by means of points. One carat is equivalent to 100 points hence a 0.25 carat diamond can well be referred to as a 25 point diamond. The size of a diamond is relative to its carat weight. Basically when a crude diamond is cut and polished it loses about 2/3 of its total carat weight.

A point which also needs to be considered is that carat weight a diamond never defines its actual shape. It is even possible to have two diamonds which have similar carat weight but have an entirely different look, which is due to the disparity in their cut and shape. Also, it is rare to find bigger rough gems of high quality in contrast to the smaller rough gems as a single 2 carat diamond can be pricier than 2 one carat diamonds of the equal quality.

It should be noted that when the carat size of a diamond increases, its price also increases at a growing rate. Bigger the diamond, progressively more rare it is. Chances are very few that one in a million mined rough stones would be large enough to produce a finished 1 carat diamond. That is the reason when the carat weight increases one has to naturally pay more not only on the whole, but on a price-per-carat basis as well. So whenever you plan to buy a perfect piece for yourself or even as a gift certain points that you need to keep in mind are the budget, taste and preference, as well as the style and setting of the ornament.

Carat of a diamond determines the weight of the diamond irrespective of the size of the diamond or appearance of the diamond. In between two diamonds of same carats, one may appear to be bigger than the other depending on the specific shape of the diamond. As for instance, a marquise cut diamond engagement ring will have the diamond appearing larger than the round cut diamond ring though may be of same carat. Depending on the carat weight of the diamond, monetary value of the diamond increases. Higher the carat weight elevated the price of the diamond because large diamonds are extensively rare and equally alluring. Although other factors like color, clarity and cut also contribute to the worth of a diamond. So, on the verge of purchasing pair of gleaming diamond earrings or any other diamond jewelry pay special importance to the cut, color and clarity also along with the carat of the diamond. The details on the carat weight of the diamond are enlisted in the description tagged along with the product information of each item. While choosing any jewelry, give preference to the 4 C’s of the diamond and select the very best jewelry that also fit the budget.