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Engagement rings

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

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Love needs no language to communicate; two committed hearts share an understanding which transcends beyond words. Just like an engagement ring that holds an unspoken expression of love and care. The power of this beautiful ring is such that it would instantaneously bring a glowing smile on your beloved’s face. This symbol of loyalty and love on your loved one’s finger would make your presence felt all the time and will always be a reminder of your unmatched respect, and faith in each other.

which ring would be right... for your to be bride?

In a span of few second thousand questions fill up your mind, from a single solitaire, to vintage rings or from the three stone rings to the side stone ones. It is important to choose a ring that would make your love flourish, one which your beloved would always cherish. We are proud to offer you a wide array of timeless engagement rings, made from superior quality loose diamonds andgemstones, set in precious metals and are hand created by our accomplished artisans. Designed exclusively to meet your expectations, every piece in our collection is matchless and one of a kind.

making your diamond buying experience a pleasurable one

We at Fascinating Diamonds take immense pleasure in guiding you to buy the ring that holds a significant mark on your special day. Our sole aim is to proffer you a ring that is both exquisite and meaningful. Add an extra touch of love with our innovative design your own engagement ring option where you can create an engagement ring according to your taste and preference. Starting from choosing a diamond shape of your choice, to picking out the metal to be crafted, and finally to setting it right.

To get detail knowledge, we suggest you to scan through our knowledge center that provides you a brief insight of everything that you need to know before crafting a ring of your choice or making a purchase.

  • solitaire engagement ring

    solitaire engagement ring

    Standing true to its name the word “Solitaire” is self expressive meaning a precious stone set by itself. Gaining popularity during the year 1880, when high quality precious stones became readily available in the market, solitaire diamonds were favored immensely to create artistic and elegant rings. Solitaire diamond rings since then has been considered the most popular piece of jewelry for wedding or engagement. A solitaire diamond ring is a perfect expression of love and loyalty that stays with you till eternity. This jewelry piece is timeless, elegant and at the same time makes a bold statement. Setting of the classic solitaire diamond ring is distinctive and classy, as it is designed to highlight the diamond. A simple solitaire diamond ring features a sole diamond or a gemstone mounted on top of a gleaming metal band. Since the diamond is set alone on the ring band it enjoys all the attention of the viewer and sparkles bright with maximum brilliance. A solitaire diamond can be crafted in a wide variety of shapes like the round cut diamond which is the most popular to marquisecut or emerald cut. Owing to its rarity and value, the extraordinary; heart shaped diamond is also a classic choice for a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Solitaire diamond rings are most commonly seen prong setting as it elevates the diamond above the metal band, making it appear big and giving central focus to the diamond. Solitaire diamonds are also placed in bezel or half bezel setting and tension setting, which give it a unique look. Consideration should be given two major factors while purchasing a solitaire ring, the size of the ring and its style. A diamond when mounted on a slim band can make it appear big and gives the diamond an exquisite look. Also one basic factor that needs immense contemplation is the transparency of the diamond, it should have minimum or no inclusions at all, as prime focus in the solitaire diamond setting is on the centre stone, and it thus leaves no room for errors. Selection of the metal for setting a diamond engagement ring should be given equal importance as it provides a steady base to your precious solitaire. Solitaire diamonds have been set in the classic yellow gold from the age old times, but currently metals likes platinum or white gold are immensely popular as they bring out the polish of the diamond and add grace to its overall appearance.

    The chic and classic solitaire diamond ring is one piece of jewelry that will never go out of style as it has been cherished by one to all and conveys an unspoken message of endless love. We at Fascinating Diamonds offer you an assortment of awe-inspiring classic to contemporary solitaire diamond engagement rings; each ring is crafted and designed intricately to present you with a piece of jewelry that would make your special day a memorable one.

  • 3-stone engagement rings

    3-stone engagement rings

    As the name suggests the timeless three stone or also named as the trinity ring holds together the three phases of a relationship starting from the past, present, to the future. The three stone engagement rings comprises of a center diamond which at either ends is highlighted with either two diamonds or gemstones of similar color and size. The center stone of the ring accentuates the appeal of the ring, hence it is shaped either in a round cut or a princess cut diamond, as these two shapes are the most favorable choices when it comes to setting a three stone ring. Preferred center stone settings for three stone rings range from prong set, to bezel-set, and bar set as they accentuate the diamond on the metal band, emphasize the brilliance of the stone, and draw attention to the diamond. We at Fascinating Diamonds present you with an array of stunning ‘three stone engagement rings’ that would fill your special occasions with colossal joy and love. Our aim is to offer you a piece of jewelry that you would treasure thought life and for that reason we lay immense emphasis on quality and design of each three stone ring sold by us. We create rings that reflect your personality and at the same time are a perfect fusion of affordability and style.

  • side-stone engagement rings

    Side stone engagement rings

    Side stone engagement rings are an enthralling option when looking for an eye-catching engagement ring setting as they provide an ideal balance and complement the center stone perfectly well. It classically embraces a center diamond, which is flanked by two or more glowing small sized diamonds or gemstones. The captivating brilliance of the center stone blends superbly with the astounding sparkle of the side stone diamonds making the engagement ring appear large and impressive. Although most of the diamond shapes can be used to set a three stone ring, but ideally it is suggested to opt for a round shaped or princess cut center diamond as their fusion presents an alluring effect.

    We at Fascinating Diamonds proffer you an extensive collection of stunning side stone engagement rings, which are placed in either prong set diamond rings, to engagement rings in pave setting, to entwine or swirl engagement ring styles. Each ring crafted by us is unique and is sure to be a perfect match for you and your prospective spouse.

  • wedding rings set

    wedding rings set

    Elegantly designed, the spectacular wedding rings set is an ultimate choice that would complement you absolutely, when you begin your blissful journey of holy matrimony. In trend currently, is the concept of harmonizing the engagement ring with a wedding band as it presents a perfect balance and symmetry to create a unique look. Several rings are designed bearing in mind this concept of wedding rings set or fit together as one rings. There is a uniformity maintained in the diamonds shape, size, and metal of two rings so that they fit side-by-side on the finger seamlessly.

    We at Fascinating Diamonds endow you with charming and attractive wedding rings sets that are immaculately designed and crafted by our expert diamond jewelers, keeping in mind the importance and promise that it holds for you. The engagement ring is preferably set in prong setting and the band is channel set or pavé with solitaire diamonds. Our collection encompasses designs that range from classic to contemporary, which would unify richly with your individuality and style.

  • vintage engagement rings

    vintage engagement rings

    The timeless beauty and magical eminence of the exclusive vintage engagement rings takes you far back to the eras of the olden times. Inspired from the classic antique styles and designs, these rings allure in many ways than one. These rings are intricately designed and showcase astounding art in their craftsmanship as they draw inspiration from diverse time periods of the past. Fiery center diamonds are set along with side stones in channel, bezel, and pavé or micro pavé setting. Metals like white or rose gold and platinum are ideally used to set diamonds or colored gemstones for crafting these rings. We at Fascinating Diamonds bestow you with a unique collection of innovative and antique vintage unique engagement rings artistically engraved by our expert designers. Intrinsic mixes of modern and traditionally designed vintage engagement rings are offered by us, a piece of jewelry that you would value and cherish for a lifetime. Our ring collection is sure to draw attention as it reflects the eras gone by and its style in every way possible.

  • Petite Engagement Rings

    petite engagement rings

    Petite Engagement Rings define elegance and style with its thin chic band and a cluster of beaming diamonds creating an extraordinarily radiant façade. Gift your special someone today any marvelous ring from our flamboyant collection of petite rings to express your endless love for her. We at fascinating diamonds here present you an exquisite collection of assorted quintessential rings to woo your partner with rings that are perfectly made and exclusively designed only for you. Women prefer adorning petite rings over other rings maybe the reason behind being, they are extremely classy, modish and compliments any specific ensemble be it casual or formal. These exclusive collections of our outstanding rings do not feature any typical arrangement or set up in-fact they differ and are quite contrasting from one another, avoiding repeated monotonous designs and instead giving out a brand new piece of incredible jewelry each time. We emphasize on the quality of each and every diamond and gemstone, with excellent cut and smooth polish, thereby presenting you a flawless diamond and a sophisticated ring to be cherished forever. The best part is we offer our customers the liberty to create their own priced possession with the desired shape of the center diamond and setting and also now adding the preference to pick any colored gemstone from our various available coruscating gemstones in order to make your ring a masterpiece.

  • Milgrain Engagement Rings

    milgrain engagement rings

    The effervescent milgrain decoration as an outline or design is in vogue as they add an antique touch to any piece of jewelry be it a ring, neckpiece, or even an earring. Precisely, milgrain in words mean a thousand grains which was formed and discovered ages back in china and since then this grainy carving has been hammered on assorted alluring ornaments and thus every creation turns out to be an extravagant one. These rings present a spectacular picture as they are intricately crafted and add a dramatic effect to any piece. The beaded design is adeptly etched by jewelers mainly on the edges of an ornament as a part of giving a highlighting and outlining effect. The milgrain pattern is generally inscribed from magnificent side stone rings to royal vintage rings and celebrated halo to antique wedding sets to give out a grandiose effect. Our wide spectrum of milgrain engagement rings absorbs all categories of rings from halo, vintage, side-stone, and solitaire styles and portrays an impressive visual effect, one that is striking and pleasing to the eye. We also provide our customers with an extraordinary opportunity to style their own engagement rings, where they have absolute liberty to customize their special piece of jewelry right from searching for your desired setting, setting your desired diamond shape, style it with your preferred gemstones and metal, to finally obtaining your desired sparkle. This exclusive option lets you decide and style your jewelry in the same manner how your beloved would want it to be.

  • Double Halo Engagement Rings

    Double halo engagement rings are a contemporary version of the classic halo rings and are the ideal choice if you are drawn towards the big engagement rings. The Halo Ring Setting encircles a center diamond or gemstone in a collection of smaller round cut diamonds which sparkle with light and focus the attention back on the center stone to draw people’s gaze to your ring. Double halo engagement rings are beautifully crafted with a prong set center stone diamond or a gemstone ideally given a round cut or a princess cut encircled twice by a series of sparkling round cut side stone diamonds in a prong or a pave setting. The sparkling accent stones further accentuates the brilliance of the center diamond. Although the classic choice center stones are usually round cut or princess cut diamonds, we at Fascinating Diamonds offer you a wide variety of diamond cuts like cushion cut, asscher cut, marquise cut diamonds, to choose from. These rings go well with white gold, rose gold and platinum.
    We at Fascinating Diamonds bestow you with beautiful and sparkling Double Halo Engagement Rings that are crafted by our expert diamond jewelers with superior quality diamonds and a wide range for you to choose from to make your ring even more special.

  • Split Shank Engagement Rings

    Split Shank engagement rings

    A Split shank engagement ring is a style that parts as it reaches the center setting. This can have the effect of making the ring appear larger and more ornate for those of you who like bigger rings. The ideal center stone for this style of rings is either the eternal round cut diamond or the classic princess cut diamond. We at fascinating diamonds give you a choice to customize the rings in a variation of precious gemstones like blue sapphires, green emeralds if you want your ring to look unique. The center stone is set in a prong setting which further accentuates the brilliance of the center diamond. The shanks of the ring is also encrusted with round cut diamonds to add more sparkle to the ring. This ring can be obtained in timeless yellow gold, the pristine white gold and delicate rose gold which has recently gained immense popularity.
    Here at Fascinating diamonds we take immense pleasure in crafting for you the perfect ring for your special day. Our sole purpose is to offer you a ring that is exquisite and seals the bond of your love .