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20 Timeless Gifts Your 60-Something Mother Will Love


20 Timeless Gifts Your 60-Something Mother Will Love

May 04T00:00:00.000Z, 2019

Alyssa Bruni

An extraordinary woman who has influenced and inspired you throughout your life showering all her love to you with endless care and support. Does the above thought summon a special person in your mind? It is undeniably evident that we are talking about a Mother, that selfless person who has always doted on you like no one else. Being a mother is one of the most arduous yet rewarding job a woman could ever do. Therefore, here is an opportunity that knocks your door to celebrate the phenomenal motherhood of the most important woman in your life with the Mother’s day being close at hand, gift her something that is truly out of the ordinary just like she is.

The perfect idea of the gift for your 60-something mother would be a classic piece that reflects her personality and individuality in a loving way. The adoring beings that our mothers are, they would admire anything you gift but they would surely cherish a timeless piece of diamond jewelry that will remain with her throughout her life reminiscing about the unforgettable memories you have shared together. Our beautiful mothers deserve the appreciation and pampering they has blessed us with by a gift that flourishes all the happiness and endless love she has brought in our lives. ‘Diamonds are forever’ as we all have heard, these are the ideal presents for our mothers as these will stand the test of time offering them unconditional affection and creating a moment of a lifetime for them.

While selecting the perfect gift to delight your 60- something mother with can be a challenging and exhausting task, Fascinating Diamonds have ardently curated a fine range of gorgeous jewelry pieces that will make her feel exceptionally special and loved.

This is our favorite pendant. We love this leaf birthstone pendant which is perfect for your mother on mother’s day. It is wonderful as it holds a stylish edge alongside deep meaning and value. You can also have her birthstone placed on one end while the other end can be placed with yours or your family member. The stunning round shaped stones are placed in a marvelous design and we are in awe of this classic drop pattern as it enhances grace and elegance. The birthstone you choose would portray great worth and depth reflecting your personal bond with your mother.

This Mother’s Day Diamond Bracelet holds an enthralling appeal with a fine series of the tiny shimmering round cut diamonds arranged excellently in a classic pave setting on a gorgeous oval shaped pattern enveloping an elegant personalized pattern engraved as per your choice. This diamond bracelet augments a delicate polished chain offering you magnificence and grace. We strongly recommend this bracelet for your mother, on mother's day to express your deeply felt love for her.

This Interlocked Two Birthstone Mothers Pendant is phenomenal as it allows you and your mother to be closely connected all the time. The fact that one can wear the birthstones together is extremely special. It manifests a valuable meaning of everlasting affection with the interlocked design that has no bounds. Your mother can hold your birthstone close to her heart, ensuring you both always stay together, forever. This is a fabulous gift for your mother and we suggest you to surprise her with this beautiful piece.

This gemstone mothers five stone ring features gorgeous princess cut stones arranged in a stunning bar setting on the beautiful ring shank. Gemstones specifically birthstones personify grace, value and dignity but more than them being significant, they represent healing properties. Birthstones help different people in different ways depending on their zodiac signs. We love birthstones at Fascinating Diamonds and this ring in particular is wonderful because it holds five stones that can be of each member of your family including you and your mom as well. This spectacular ring makes for the perfect mother’s day gift.

This Personalized Necklace for Mother and Daughter is unique as well as special. It is meaningful as this stunning piece of love features a beautiful heart shaped pattern that would keep you both connected. This is a great gift to present to your mother on mother’s day. This can be engraved with names as per your choice, or with the classic 'mom' and 'daughter' titles.

This 3 Birthstone Pendant for Mothers flaunts its charming elegance with the magnificent round shaped stones arranged beautifully in a classic prong setting. This unique piece holds incredible class and subtlety with a stylish pattern as it allows your mothers birthstone to be in the very center while your and your father’s birthstones can be placed on each side. This is an ideal gift for your mother as it signifies the loving bond and strength shared by your family.

These wonderful delicate gemstone earrings are charismatic and luxurious as they are designed in a classic basket prong setting that accents sparkling round shaped stones with a ravishing drop pattern which is gorgeous and creates a feminine appeal. These gemstones can be personalized according to you, your mother or family member’s birthstones. We simply adore these lovely earrings and it is the perfect gift for your mother that will definitely make her smile brightly

This mother’s day multi strand necklace is wonderful to gift to your mother. This necklace features three beautiful circular patterns engraved with a personalized design as per your liking offering you the opportunity to have the names of your close ones elegantly carved on it. It is a personal and heart-warming design that keeps the family close at all times. This alluring piece has a chic design while it also looks very subtle and meaningful. We advise you to buy this as a mother’s day gift for your mom as it will bring up a lovely and radiant smile on her face.

This three stone bracelet for your mother is elegant and suave flaunting a lovely marquise cut diamond in the center adorned with a dazzling pear cut stone on each side held in a basket prong setting. We love how the charm of this is all in its classic elegance of the three stone pattern that beautifully represents the past, present and future. Surprise your much-loved mother with this everlasting piece of diamond jewelry.

This Floating Graduated Diamond Necklace is perfect for your mother. The scintillating round shaped stones are placed in a classic prong setting in an incredible graduated pattern that glorifies elegance and classic style. The gemstones are meaningful as they represent a birth stone of each family member and most importantly, your mother. We strongly suggest you going for this necklace as a beautiful gift of appreciation for your mother conveying your indefinite love to her.

This personalized mom bracelet is spectacular and beautiful. Fascinating Diamonds has specifically designed this wonderful pattern to highlight the stunning metallic band which is engraved beautifully with the personalized design that can be chosen as per your liking, held through a delicate polished chain. This adds a graceful and elegant touch to your appearance. We heartily advise you to present a pleasant and out of the way gift like this to your mother on the very special day.

The birthstone has healing properties and is the best for those who desire to reach their optimum. This pendant unveils small round shaped stones studded in a bezel setting on a leaf pattern that highlights the beauty of nature and we love this particular piece as it provides you the opportunity to wear various birthstones at once and signify your bond with the ones who are closest to you. The idea of birthstones with an elegant branch design simply manifests transformation and growth. This is a truly valuable gift to present to your mother on mother’s day.

This Mother’s Day Charm Bracelet is quintessential in making your mom feel complete as it can be personalized beautifully with the birthstone of your mother in the center along with the birthstones of her loved ones elegantly dangling around the bracelet. This magnificent bracelet holds a stylish touch and looks unique. The dazzling stones placed in a classic prong setting give the bracelet a feminine feel and will make your mother feel delightful on this remarkable and gracious day.

This Diamond Heart Necklace for Mom Daughter unveils two beautiful pendants with a charming look holding a fine range of small shimmering round cut diamonds embedded excellently in a classic prong setting on the magnificent open heart shaped design held elegantly on a delicate metallic chain offering you an adorable and tender touch to the affection shared by a mother and daughter. This is an outstanding gift for your mother to gratify her with the immense love and care you truly feel for her.

This personalized charm bracelet is alluring and elegant. It holds both sophistication as well as significance while looking terrifically stylish and quirky. This piece beautifully exhibits a gorgeous coin with a hammered finish that exuberates vintage and eccentricity featuring a unique three-tone design. You can engrave the names of your loved ones on the coin that dangles on the polished and dainty metallic chain. This charming bracelet is a lovely gift to make her feel complete on mother’s day.

This Branch Mothers Pendant with Birthstone embellishes small round shaped stones with a flawless sparkle excellently studded in a classic prong setting on the enthralling branch like pattern adding a hint of elegance to your look with the heavenly touch of nature. This piece can be designed with various gemstones as per your desire with the birthstones of you and your family members on this marvelous tree design denoting togetherness and strength. This is a precious gift to present your mother on mother’s day to symbolize your love and devotion for her.

The Open Heart Solitaire Drop Pendant magnificently flaunts an alluring design of a beautiful glossy metallic open heart shaped pattern embellished with a stunning round cut stone studded in a classic prong setting. This exquisite pendant is suspended by an elongated hook adding verve of opulence and splendor to your appeal. This is the perfect gift to say ‘I love you’ to your mom in a simplistic way and make her flash her beautiful smile.

This 3 Stone Mothers Pendant Necklace incredibly portrays exceptional sparkle of the small beautiful round shaped diamonds aligned gorgeously in a classic prong setting on an elegant and stylish wave pattern featuring a glossy metallic texture. This exquisite piece is held through a polished metallic chain adding radiance and charisma that would twinkle in your mom’s eyes. This fine necklace is a must gift for mother’s day indicating the immeasurable fondness you have for her.

This Personalized Pendant for Mom beautifully flourishes sheer elegance flaunting a polished metallic plate with a glossy texture amplified with the unique heart cutout design and personalized excellently with names of your loved ones as per your preference. This gorgeous piece has a warm-hearted and cherishing touch with the personalized pattern to sincerely convey your attachment with your mother and making her feel extra special.

This Personalized Heart Diamond Bracelet intensifies your beauty and elegance with the sparkle of the gorgeous heart shaped diamond held in the center dangling on a delicate metallic chain. Further augmenting the diamond bracelet is a polished metal plate personalized with a name as per your choice held through a glossy chain for a charming splendor. This aesthetic piece is an ideal gift to your mother for mother’s day as it has a personalized touch to it and your mom will have all your love and affection with her wherever she goes.

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