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Which Wedding Band Is The Right Match For Your Unique Engagement Ring?


Which Wedding Band Is The Right Match For Your Unique Engagement Ring?

November 02T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

A tale of romance can never be complete without the perfect union of two souls deeply in love, similarly, the hallmark of that perfect wedding can only be marked by a matched pair of wedding ring sets. Indeed, it is not an easy task to select the right band to go with the engagement ring, the bridal set should match your persona, and also must be comfortable enough to be used in everyday life without any uneasiness. Along with these points, the preferences in designs, settings, gemstones and metal also has to be kept in consideration while seeking the custom diamond band or metal band to fit perfectly with your chosen engagement ring. Here, we have mentioned a few easy tricks that will help you choose the right wedding band to create the most entrancing wedding ring set.
  1. Straight Bands:
Generally, straight bands only can be worn when the center diamond is settled in elongated prong setting, such that the ring and band set effortlessly together without the center diamond setting coming in the way. The ring may be a solitaire engagement ring, side stone engagement ring, or any other styles of rings, as long as the center diamond does not touch the edge of the band, straight bands that complement the shank of the ring can be coupled. straight-bands                           Custom Straight Diamond Bands +  Diamond Engagement Ring = Wedding Ring Sets Similarly, if your ring has similar kind of elongated prong setting for center diamond, you can pick a beguiling band from our immense collection of diamond eternity bands, and wedding bands for women.
  1. Contoured Bands:
Contoured wedding bands are given a curvaceous pattern along the central part and then again it remains straight throughout. Such a pattern is created in the band to set fit with the engagement ring. The slight curve gives a voguish edge to the band while also makes it easier to be paired with a wide variety of engagement rings having different settings and styles. contoured-bands                           Custom Contoured Bands +  Diamond Engagement Ring = Wedding Ring Sets For the contoured wedding band to appear as a set of the engagement ring, the best option is to customize the ring according to the curvature of the crown of the ring or you can also have a look at the wedding ring set collection to avoid some ordeal, so that the ring and band appear as single piece fitting every edge and curve.
  1. Notched Bands:
Notched wedding bands are straight wedding bands that are curved with a small incision at the center such that the ring and the band falls into a perfect fit like two puzzle pieces set right. To cut out a perfect notch the band must be of thick width to accommodate the setting. notched-bands                           Custom Notched Bands +  Diamond Engagement Ring = Wedding Ring Sets The beauty of this type of wedding set lies on the appearance, the two pieces of jewelry fits so perfectly that it appears as a single piece and thus enhances the charm of the bridal set even more.
  1. Notched And Contoured Bands:  
Contoured and notched wedding bands are made to fit perfectly throughout the shank of the ring. Generally, in case of designer engagement rings, studded with sumptuous gemstones or engravings at the shank of the band, this kind of contoured and matched wedding bands are created to present forth an enthralling set of wedding jewelry that are perfect fit to each other. notched-contoured-bands                           Custom Notched And Contoured Bands +  Diamond Engagement Ring = Wedding Ring Sets As can be seen, the notched and contoured wedding bands are created to give grandeur to the wedding set, by completely inheriting the engagement ring style and artistry. In order to acquire the impeccable set of rings, even the minute details about the motifs and settings must be considered, which is possible only when the wedding rings are customized or designed following the pattern of the chosen ring. Wedding bands can be constructed in various styles by studding diamonds or simply other gemstones or it may be a simple band or it may be an embossed one, but always the band must be forged in visual harmony with the ring to attain the glamorous beauty that only comes from diligently attained perfection. So, whichever genre of ring you purchase, for the corresponding band, just have a look at the ring and your heart will guide you to the right direction, or you can contact the in-house jewelry designers for any suggestions or help.

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